Friday Night Lights Back With Vengence

Come on out next Friday Oct 4th at 6pm for Friday Night Lights

This will be a free event with welcome donations. Any donations will go towards Tennis Equipment such as new balls and training aids.

We are going to play fun group games, matches, eat food, and just flat out have a great time so come on out to the best junior tennis event in Douglasville!!!

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Gold’s Gym Junior Tennis in Douglasville is BACK!!

This past weekend, at the USTA Sunset Hills Frozen Open (it was CALLED the Frozen Open but it was a perfect, warm weekend to play tennis!) students of our own Tennis Paradise program at Gold's Gym in Douglasville (which offers junior tennis programs in Douglasville, GA) played and scored big points! 

As their coach, I am SO proud to have watched them all play, and even though not all of them made it to the finals, the fact that they played, and gave it their all, made me so proud of them. My junior tennis kids are the best junior tennis kids around! 

Check out some of our kids!

Interview with Sonya!

Interview with the boys!

Check out how our kids played:


Spencer Johnson won the 12 and under category! Congratulations Spencer!


Asher Robinson blew through the competition with his scores of: 1-6, 7-6,10-2, making it to the finals! He had an amazing time and played extremely well! He even immediately asked when the next tournament would be so he could play again! Congratulations Asher!


Sonya Ivashchenko made it to the semi-finals in the 12 and under girls category! She played extremely well and ended with a score set of: 

Sonya – Emili Williams   6-2, 6-3
Sonya -Katy Nixon  6-3, 7-6
Rachel Forrester- Sonya 6-1, 6-3
Sonya – Cameron Rogin  7-6, 6-0

Sonya said "playing QF was a battle for her."  She played Katy Nixon who was ranked #3 and  Sonya won moving onto SF. "I enjoyed it and learned a couple of strategies that I can use during next matches".

Sonya said that the moment she was most proud of was when "In the QF match when I won the second set 7-6."

Congratulations Sonya!



Jamie Kuring played extremely well, but lost his match to Anthony Russo. We are still incredibly proud of him for the way he handled the game and the way he played! He's an extremely gracious and well behaved player and we love watching him compete! 


Anthony Russo won 2 matches, but unfortunately had to bow out of the competition due to a sprained ankle. He played amazingly well, and even though an injury inhibited him from continuing, I'm still so proud of him! Way to go Anthony!


Want to get in on all the fun and amazing training? Want to join our amazing group of junior tennis kids? Are you located in Douglasville, GA or in the surrounding area?

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