Junior Tournament at Gold’s Gym in Douglasville – Results

The 'Friday Night Lights tournament was a huge success! Everyone who came out had a great time. There was a camp fire to stay warm, thanks to the Iverson Family, who also brought Pizza! Peggy Landrum also provided a Wii for the kids to play on. Everybody had a blast and we plan on having more tournaments in the future!

The winners of the 16 and under division were Spencer Johnson and Asia Moore. Spencer has been playing for a long time and shows immense promise to go far in tennis, and Asia does was well. Both players know what it takes to win. Cade Fowler dominated the 10 and under tournament, and became the champion. Cade comes out to practice early every time, and hits against the wall or with others. He is a great competitor, and has improved a lot!

The overall message from the tournament experience is that it is a blast! If you were not able to participate be sure to be involved next time!


-Charles Shields


Great Tournament Video!!


Spencer Johnson takes home the win.


Asia Moore Wins the 16 and under bracket!

Cade Fowler: 10 and under Champ!