Tennis 123 Class at Gold’s Gym

The first day of Tennis 123 was a great one! Everyone had a great time and learned a lot. There were multiple courts instructing things like how to start a rally, the forehand, and backhand, and more. This class is a great way to learn tennis fast, get in shape, and meet new people! This course is hands down the best way for a beginner in Douglasville to become great at the game of tennis. Last years tennis 123 graduates played on their own league team this year! That is only a start of what you could do with tennis.
Here are some great shots of the fun we’ve been having!

Instructor Matt Camp



Rosita wins the weekly award!
Instructor Andrew Timms


Instructor Charles Shields
golds 9

Junior Tournament at Gold’s Gym in Douglasville – Results

The 'Friday Night Lights tournament was a huge success! Everyone who came out had a great time. There was a camp fire to stay warm, thanks to the Iverson Family, who also brought Pizza! Peggy Landrum also provided a Wii for the kids to play on. Everybody had a blast and we plan on having more tournaments in the future!

The winners of the 16 and under division were Spencer Johnson and Asia Moore. Spencer has been playing for a long time and shows immense promise to go far in tennis, and Asia does was well. Both players know what it takes to win. Cade Fowler dominated the 10 and under tournament, and became the champion. Cade comes out to practice early every time, and hits against the wall or with others. He is a great competitor, and has improved a lot!

The overall message from the tournament experience is that it is a blast! If you were not able to participate be sure to be involved next time!


-Charles Shields


Great Tournament Video!!


Spencer Johnson takes home the win.


Asia Moore Wins the 16 and under bracket!

Cade Fowler: 10 and under Champ!




Friday Night Lights Junior Tournament at Golds Gym

This Friday (March 22) we are having a fun junior tournament at Gold's Gym! The play starts at 6:00 pm and will last until around 8:00. There will be Round Robin, a 10 and under tournament, a 16 and under tournament, as well as video games like Wii Tennis! So fill out the form below and come on out to Friday Night Lights! 

Cost: $15

There will be food for everyone along with prizes for winners!

Sign Up for the Tournament here:

Sign up for the Friday
Night Lights tournament

Ian Iverson Takes Home Another Win!

Recently, our very own Ian Iverson played in a West Georgia Tennis Association sanctioned tournament, and took home the gold!

Ian played at the Sunset Hills Tournament for B10 singles in Carrollton, and we're all proud to say he won: 6-3 and 6-1.

Ian Iverson remains one of the best players at Douglasville's Tennis Paradise at Gold's Gym on Hospital Drive. He's a hard working student and always plays fair and well! 

He's definitely a kid to watch in the coming years!

Here he is holding his glass tennis racket trophy!

Great going Ian!

Want to get your own skills up this holiday season?

Sign up for the Holiday Camp in December! 

On the 26th, 27th, and 28th of December, we will be holding a Holiday Camp! 

Come join us and work on your game through the holidays so you don't get rusty!

The camp will be for three days, from 9 AM to 12 PM, so come join us!

Sign up below: 









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Tennisone Welcomes its Newest Contributor!

USTA GA Pro of the Year, Peter Freeman, the director of Tennis at Gold's Gym as well as the creator of Tennis Paradise and of Crunchtime Coaching, was recently chosen to be Tennisone's newest contributor!

If you didn't already think Pete was one of the best coaches around, then this should DEFINITELY convince you!

Tennisone is an internationally acclaimed website, seen ALL over the world! They have OVER 20,000 teaching pros watching their site, along with tens of thousands of experienced players using the site as a reference or for teaching videos. Its an amazing site that countless tennis pros use around the world, and Pete was featured on the FRONT PAGE!

This is an extremely big deal! Our very own coach has stepped up in the world and has now been featured on a website that is seen my thousands every day! On the front page no less! 

Be sure to congratulate him and let him know we're all proud of him! But of course, none of this could have been possible without you guys! So give yourself a pat on the back too!

Check the site out here: Tennisone

Want to get started with one of the best coaches in the nation? Get in touch with us by email or phone!



Junior Tennis in Douglasville

Check out all the fun we're having in our junior program! If you're not signed up yet, you NEED to be! 

Get signed up here: Junior Tennis Program

Tennis 1-2-3 Tournament!

This past Saturday, the 15th of September, we had our Tennis 1-2-3 Tournament and we all had an AMAZING time!

Cyndi Brown came in first as our winner and Paula Morisseau was our runner up! Everyone did an amazing job and we all had loads of fun! 

Check out some pictures from the event and join us next time!

Junior Spotlight: Ian Iverson Fall 2012

Check out our very first Wall of Famer: Ian Iverson!

Ian recently won a tournament for his age group and is the first person on our Wall of Fame! Ian is putting Douglasville on the map and is going on to play more tournaments and improve even more!

Get in the game NOW! Get signed up!









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